Ren Chen

L&D | SaaS Operations | Customer Experience Manager

Ren Chen has been building strategic alliances and developing effective teams for twelve years. She leads with creativity and confidence to maximize customer satisfaction and retain valuable talent.

Ren also makes tremendous impact as a community leader, teaching emotional resilience, and helping tens of thousands access STEAM education and obtain free health resources.

She holds a master's degree with highest distinction from the Royal and Ancient University of St Andrews in Scotland, and a bachelor’s with distinction from UC Berkeley.

Ren has been featured locally and internationally by CBS News, NPR, and Smashing Magazine.

Aggressive roadmapping

Functioning as co-owner of this ultra-lean biotech startup incubator, Ren designed and constructed a modular infrastructure supporting newcos. She created persuasive VC pitch decks, achieving an 80% funding rate. Her budgetary improvements included resolving a four-year tax backlog, and restructuring a laboratory, saving over $22k in excess monthly overhead. Successful startups emerging from this incubator are now providing the world with cutting-edge plant transformation, carbon capture, and custom human genome operations.

Global powerhouse

Ren established the company's first ever international bilingual support team, increasing non-English customer satisfaction by over 50% in its first quarter. She developed science-backed curricula for the Learning & Development department that reduced turnover by 26% and became mandatory for all employees. She created the asynchronous meeting standard, and managed an escalated team of senior agents across four countries. Under her direction, this team eliminated a three-year backlog and developed a mentorship program for junior agents.

Legacy of millions

At this nonprofit institution, Ren negotiated unprecedented partnerships which increased ticket sales by 350% and developed new enticements resulting in record memberships - an immediate sales increase of 425%. She spearheaded a monthly event that continues to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, and accesses previously untapped demographics. Her research also guided the design of the museum's most popular permanent exhibit, replacing an outdated display with local, interactive, and accessible features.

Science to the people

Despite corporate resistance, Ren brought STEAM edutainment to over 3,600 San Diegans and founded the only global chapter welcoming nerds under the legal drinking age. She forged enduring connections at NASA, Lego, and Boston Dynamics to entice the best speakers to her cause - free of charge. Her popular monthly newsletter had a 98% average open rate, with an average engagement rate of 60%. Ren partnered with National Geographic at Comic Con to produce and emcee the most highly rated sold-out events for over 2,500 people, three years running.

Don't be shy

Ren is always up for a challenge. If you have an opportunity, reach out to say hello.